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Clement Chomu Miheso | 7/20/2004
Would like to know:- (a) How to create database in the chessbase, (b) How to update Kenya's list of player, since the list hasn't been updated for a long time.
Webmaster replies:
(b) It's updated now.

on | 12/24/2003
does anybody knows how can i create database in the chessbase 7 light,i am downloading regular pgn files and strangly i could not open them, what i need to do ??
Webmaster replies:
chessbase 7 light FAQ:

How can I convert my existing CBF-files to the new format?
The easiest way is to convert them directly with Fritz5.
Alternatively use the PGN file as intermediate: ChessBase Light reads and writes the PGN format. So use e.g. Fritz5 or Extreme Chess or a public domain utility to convert CBF to PGN. Then open the PGN database in CBLight and drop its symbol to your CBH database.

How can I convert my data to PGN format?
Create a new database with the ending "PGN", e.g. "MYGAMES.PGN". Drag and Drop a database symbol or a game selection to the symbol of the PGN database. Alternatively you may use CTRL-C/CTRL-V to copy selected games.

paz | 12/24/2003
i have the software chessbase 7 light.
i am trying to open .cbf files but it seems like it doesn't support those formats.
does anybody knows how to open cbf or how to convert them to pgn?
Webmaster replies:
Try with "chessvu"
ChessVU for Windows offers a comprehensive set of viewing and editing functions for chess data bases, in the two most common formats (PGN and CBF). Here is the list of functions: View PGN game View CBF game Convert from CBF to PGN Convert from PGN to CBF Show header data in List View, with column sorting Save data base after sorting ...

download chessvu...

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